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Men's Slim Fit Herringbone Premium Wool Blend Waistcoats

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Size Length Bust Shoulder
inch CM inch CM inch CM
M 24.02 61 36.22 92 13.78 35
L 24.41 62 38.58 98 14.17 36
XL 24.80 63 40.94 104 14.57 37
2XL 25.20 64 43.31 110 14.96 38
3XL 25.59 65 45.67 116 15.35 39
4XL 25.98 66 48.03 122 15.75 40

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This timeless Western Vest adds that extra bit of breathable comfort on chilly days and warms the torso underneath a coat in colder weather. Made in Seattle with our legendary Mackinaw Wool from Oregon’s Pendleton Woolen Mills, it shrugs of wind and light rain, insulates wet or dry, and provides decades of reliable service. 

The notched lapels and pointed hem are a nod of respect to the clothing worn by the bold pioneers who settled the western half of our country. The vest, known as a waistcoat in Britain, was considered a requirement for a properly-attired man in that day. The vests worn on the American frontier were as much a tool as a garment for the those rugged men. The pockets on the front were located and sized to provide quick access to timepieces, small notepads, tobacco pouches and other necessities while on horseback. Often while riding through brush, snagging of topcoats was a concern, and a sturdy vest provided the gear-carrying ability and weather protection that was required. The same features that made the vest so invaluable on the range make our Western Vest a versatile companion no matter where the journey takes you.


  • Built in Seattle with 100% Mackinaw Wool from Oregon
  • Button-front
  • Notched lapels
  • Front-hem points
  • Insulates wet or dry
  • Four shallow front pockets for easy access to small items

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